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4wardThinking What's Next (Toddler) Daytime Hybrid Diaper (Stitch)*PREORDER

$ 28.00

About the Product:

  • What's Next is a toddler size, daytime hybrid diaper, fits 20-48lbs 
  • Outer is a performance knit
  • Cotton velour inner creates a stay dry comfort diaper
  • Dual soaker system can be folded to customize where your child needs the most absorbency, a total of 10 layers!
  • Design allows for average dry time. Most machines will dry in one cycle of warm.
  • One size! The fold over rise allows for a custom fit. 

Product Description:

Practical meets modern fashion with 4wardThinking What's Next (Toddler) daytime hybrid diaper is available in many different prints. Our Visionary can be used 9-35lbs, infant to potty learned. Only the best 100% certified materials are used to create our diapers. Your child's skin will not be exposed to harmful chemical based fabrics with 4wardThinking. The natural fibers will create air movement throughout the diaper, reducing if not eliminating diaper rashes as well as promoting early potty learning. 

Product Information:

  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6"x 8"x 3"
  • Target Gender: Gender Neutral
  • Warranty: Please see Our Guarantee 

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