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Diaper Use and Care

Dump - All waste should be dumped and rinsed from the diaper.

Prewash -  A warm rinse is recommended to presoak all diapering items and accessories.

Wash -  A hot wash! Only use cloth diaper safe detergent. No bleach should ever be used, it breaks down the elastic, weakens fabrics, and is a harsh chemical that can hurt your child's skin. 

Rinse - A warm rinse to make sure the diapers are detergent free.

Line Drying - Line drying is highly recommended with a ten minute fluffing in the dryer.

Dryer - Diapers can be dried in the dryer on a low to medium heat. No fabric softener, like Downey should be used, as it creates a repelling barrier, leaving soakers non-absorbent.

*disclaimer- different wash routines may be needed due to the change in demographics and types of water.

Video on how to use a 4wardThinking Cloth Diaper

Video on how to care for your 4wardThinking Cloth Diaper