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What is everyone saying about our products

My husband has lately been asking about going back to disposables now that our child has slimmed down quite a bit and they would actually fit. We went to cloth exclusively during what we lovingly refer to as our "chunky tuna phase" because even size 7 pampers were not fitting well enough to contain leaks. They were too small. Last week we went on vacation to our Lake place. I figured since our washer up there is tiny and the water is iron hard it would be a good time to pack disposables only. Night one, leaks resulting in washing of waterproof mattress cover, crib sheet, and toddler blanket (the machine is so small this is a load bordering on too big for it). Night 2 cut back on liquids around bedtime. Leaks again. Hubs asks, "didn't you pack any of those really great overnight diapers we use at home?" Nope. I didn't pack any 4Ts. At the end of the week I can honestly say I did a load of bedding at least once (sometimes twice because of nap) every day we were gone. Hubs used to also wonder out loud if we were really saving money with all the water we use. One load every 2 days of diapers vs one or 2 loads daily of bedding and pajamas. I think he's finally full time on board!

I adore these, the utility hybrid is AMAZING on my little ones. Love having items stocked daily, can't wait for more boyish visionary utility hybrids to go up!!

I got my first diapers recently and they are so fluffy!! I love them!!

~ I just found these diapers and decided to try them out. I can say I LOVE the fit. One of the few diapers that actually fit my daughter well. Thank you! I will definitely order more in the future!

~ We thought we would never find a diaper for overnight!We've tried it all, including disposables. Super soaker 25+ pound boy that sleeps 12 hours lol. So we asked on their fb what's best for him and they answered fast! I tried out the zombie diaper and didn't need a cover! These diapers aren't playing!

~ Super fast shipping! Cheryl is always on the ball with getting diapers out and helping with any questions you may have regarding your order!
Product review: These diapers are the best ones I've found. Both the regular AND extended wear last a long time. My regular 4Ts last more than 3 hours in most cases with my super heavy wetter. The extended wear last well over 12 hours on her as well.

~ All merchants should take a lesson from Forward Thinking in regards to how to treat their customers.
Each purchase has been a dream, from start to finish.
Clear communications, fast shipping and hand written thank you cards and color keeper sheets with each package.
She also offers snap and elastic repairs for the life of the diapers, which is unbelievable, but so awesome!
My only complaint is that I didn't find this store sooner.
Product review: Squishy and soft and perfect!
My son loves his 4T diapers!

~ Cheryl is supportive of her customer's and she looks out for their best interests. She always goes out of her way to make sure her customers are take care of :-)'
Product review: These are beautiful upcycles with a great fit, they're flexible so my littles can sleep or move around in them without issue. We have been looking for a Zelda diaper for a while :-)

~ The customer service is like no other! We love the time and work that Cheryl takes with each of her diapers and customers.
Product review: The product is bright and soft... holds up like no other diaper out there. Will be back over and over to purchase from.

~ Cheryl is great. Wonderful friendly customer service every time. Couldn't NOT come back after my first purchase because everything was so great.
Product review: The Grinch diaper is awesome and will be great for Christmas.
Can't wait to try the Hubba Bubba Foresight on my newbie.

~ I love Cheryl at 4ward Thinking, she is an absolute pleasure do deal with. She goes out of her way to make sure customers are satisfied and more importantly that we can PURCHASE diapers! I believe 4T understands their client base and they do a great job of trying to meet demands and provide impeccable, unmatched service.
Product review: I was incredibly impressed when I received my first 4ward thinking diaper. I told myself that I would only buy one, but that was before I had it in hand. Can I use the term "luxurious" to describe a diaper? Because, that's how they are...luxurious. The diapers are very well made, and the photos online do not do the colors in the diapers justice. They are very vibrant. I see this diaper fitting my son for a long long time, which is great---because I love Sugarland!

~ After we purchased a couple Windpro's we decided we needed a few more. I have found they are great for trips and bed. We used one while out and about shopping minus 1 soaker and it worked great. I will no longer have to plan errands around possible diaper changes! I plan to order more in the future!

~ Customer service was excellent and I did not have any issues with the seller in completing my transaction. When I had questions they were answered promptly! Diaper shipped out same night.
Product review: Diaper was as described, very well made and beautiful! It was hand dyed!

~ First time ordering from 4t. Quick shipping. Impressed.
Product review: Wow! :) Not only had I been looking for this fabric everywhere, man what a wonderful diaper! My first 4t, this diaper is trim, VERY well made, with small details added, and not unnoticed. Very absorbent, easily went 3-4 hours and stayed dry... I know we'll be getting more!