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1. How do stockings work on this site? When do you stock?

  • We will try to stock new items weekly on Thursday.
  • We will also let you know via social media what and when we are stocking our store with new items.

2. What sizes do you offer?

  • Foresight (NB) 5-15lbs
  • Visionary (OS) 9-35lbs
  • What's Next (Toddler) 20-48lbs

3. What is the cost of 4wardThinking diapers?

  • Foresight (Newborn) $18
  • Visionary (One Size) $28
  • What's Next (Toddler) $28

*Prices subject to change without notice. We have the right to cancel and refund any order at any time for any reason.

4. Do you make customs?
  • Yes, our customs listing is now available and we are filling orders daily. Please join our Facebook Chatter Group: to follow the Custom Order thread: 

5. How quickly do you ship?

  • We ship all stocked diapers within two business days. (weekends and holidays are not considered business days.)
  • Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing an item for someone else and would like that item shipped directly to that person, be sure to change the ship to address while going through the checkout process. No shipping changes can be made once an order is placed. We are not able to accept any shipping changes via email or Facebook after checkout. 
    6. Do you combine shipping of multiple orders?
    • Please use the COMBOSHIP discount code so you are not charged.
    • We automatically combine shipping and issue shipping refunds whenever we can.
    7. Do you need a cover with these diapers?
    • Our daytime hybrid requires a cover to be water proof.
    • Extended Wear works twelve plus hours and requires no cover.

    8. Do you offer wholesale prices?

    • Yes we do! Use the contact us tab and message us today!

      9. Do 4wardThinking diapers need to be prepped?

      • We have already pre washed all fabrics prior to cutting and sewing. However, for full absorbance to take effect, you will need several additional washes of at least the soaker system that comes with your diaper. You can do this by washing them with other cloth diapers, towels, and like hot loads of laundry. For general laundering purposes we recommend washing with a cloth diaper safe detergent, adding a pre-rinse cycle and an extra-rinse cycle.  We recommend washing on hot.

        10. How do I wash and care for these diapers and accessories?

        11. What is your return policy for stocked diapers?

        • It is our mission to exceed your expectations of 4wardthinking products.
        • Please refer to our Shipping and Returns page.

        12. What is your cancellation policy?

        • Most orders are shipped immediately after being purchased. In the event your order is at our studio and not processed, we will gladly refund. If your item has been prepped and scheduled for shipping, you may be required to pay shipping costs and a restocking fee of 10%. 

        13. How do I use a 4wardThinking diaper?

        • Please watch our instructional video on our Use & Care page

        14. How do I contact 4wardThinking?

        15. Do you offer any kind of discounts or layaway?

        • We believe strongly in offering discounts for multiple diapers purchases.
        • We understand that not everyone can purchase immediately. We have set up a layaway program that has been extremely successful.
        • Please refer to our Discounts & Layaway page.

         16. What do all the acronyms mean?

        • T&T~ Turned & Top Stitched
        • CV~ Cotton Velour
        • 4T~ 4wardThinking (unless with clothing)