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Code: LAYAWAY: Is the perfect code to use when you want 2 or more diapers but funds are limited. At check out you will be charged a 15% of your total down payment (non refundable), plus the cost of shipping. After your order is placed, you will need to make payments and satisfy the order in full within the 30 days.
1. You can only have 1 layaway at a time. Must be minimum of 2 diapers.
2. The layaway must be paid off in 30 days of original purchase.
3. In the event you cancel the 15% down is non refundable.

You can use this link to make your payments : PAYMENT

1. Look up layaway purchase
2. You will pay the discounted amount
3. Cart Layaway Payment Listing
4. Add quantity for dollar to pay
5. Cart Layaway Payment Listing again
6. Add quantity for cent to pay
4. Go to check out
5. Make sure quantity for each equaling your total due
6. Check out

Code: COMBOSHIP: This code is perfect when you have already checked out and then see another item you must have. This code is good only if you purchase was just made prior and items are able to ship together. 

Code: LOCALPICKUP: Do you live in the area and want to pick up your order, then use this code and note the date you will stop by to pick up. We love seeing customers and meeting children that are wearing our cloth diapers.