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About Us

How 4wardThinking was started?

It all began in 2008, when we were expecting our newest family member. I was determined to use cloth diapers from the beginning and breast feed our little bouncing boy. Like other expecting parents we completed our little boys’ nursery and just waited. We were all over the moon and excited for the new journey we were blessed with. 

When our youngest son arrived in January 2009, we were informed both of his femurs and humerus were fractured. He was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III Severe. The doctors explained to us that he would most like die at an early age. He would not sit alone, crawl or walk. Doctors advised us to hold him as little as possible because he would most likely fracture when handled.

Comfortable fit diapers

At four months old he was still at his birth weight. We discovered early on the elastic band in the boxed diapers was being too tight, causing our little boy cry in extreme pain. Disposables were out of the question for us due to a number of reasons: chemicals used, constant leaks and most importantly the cost.  

As no day care wanted to take Rowan in due to the high risk of fracture, I decided to leave my full time job in order to care for him. While I enjoyed spending more time with my boys, I found myself looking for better diaper solution. I soon started making diapers out of old cotton T-shirts and blankets lying around. We found this gave our little boy more comfortable fit and also removed the risk of chemicals completely.

Family operated business

My mom helps with all the cutting, sewing and snapping, dad joined in and helped me with creating a template I could use later on when cutting fabrics. My mom, a talented dressmaker, also helped us picking fabrics and sewing. Before I knew it, my amazing husband started supporting us in his free time, washing and cutting fabrics as well. As the company started to grow and we began selling our diapers, even our boys started helping out by removing pins, organizing fabrics and cleaning up. I can honestly say 4ward thinking is now a family operated business, with its’ ‘headquarters’ at the heart of our home!

Handmade 100% Natural Diapers

All hybrid cloth diapers you buy from 4ward Thinking are 100% homemade from natural cloth fabrics. These organic handmade diapers allow your child’s skin to breathe due to the layer of fleece between the fabric layers. Fleece is there to repel the moisture and push it back into the soakers.

All our diapers are CPSIA Compliant (Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act), giving you a guarantee they are made from highest quality materials, free from chemicals, 100% natural and completely safe to use for your child. To learn more about our natural cloth diapers please check About 4ward Diapers page or see full handmade diapers collection now!