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About 4ward Diapers


What is a HYBRID cloth diaper?

The hybrid diaper allows your child's skin to breathe since there is just a layer of fleece between the outer fabric and inner cotton velour. Fleece also repels the moisture and pushes it back into the soakers.

Why choose a 4wardThinking hybrid cloth diaper?

  • Your child's skin is allowed to breathe.
  • Less rashes develop due to more air.
  • Easy to use; snap in soaker system. 
  • Soft and squishy layers proven to last.
  • Works even for the heaviest wetter.
  • 3 sizes that will fit newborn to toddler.
  • Fold over rise for perfect fit on smaller skinny children.
  • Rise and wing snaps that allow great fit on huskier children.
  • Lifetime guarantee on snaps.


Hybrid natural homemade diaperHybrid Diapers~ Great for daytime wear, a hidden of poly fleece, each diaper lasting three plus hours for the average child, without a cover. A cover like wool longies is required to be waterproof. We have our hybrids that come in knit, upcycle and woven prints and our Element hybrids that come in solid colors. 


Handmade cloth toddler diaperExtended Wear Diapers~ If you need to get some sleep at night, this is the choice you need. The extended wear has a outer layer of windpro, and includes an additional three layer bamboo booster creating a cover less twelve plus hour protection diaper. 



Foresight (NB) 5-15lbs
Visionary (OS) 12-35lbs
What's Next (Toddler) 25-48lbs

Additional items available in store:

Bamboo Boosters - Made from three super absorbent layers of high quality bamboo. 

Wool Dryer Balls - Decrease your drying time and fluffiness of clothes without chemicals. Essential oils scents can be added to create  a full filling natural aroma for your diapers.

Bamboo Wipes - Two wonderful layers serged together creating a convenient wipe to clean up even the toughest of jobs.

Hand-dyed Cotton Velour Wipes - Hand dyed in our studio, two soft layers of cotton velour. 

Nursing Pads - one layer of bamboo, hand dyed cotton velour and backed with windpro.

Hip Covers - a set of hip covers snap into the stud part of the snaps that can some times dig into our huskier children wearing diapers.

Disclaimer - all items are made from domestic and imported fabrics. All fabrics have been tested and meet the guidelines of the CPSIA.