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Winners To Giveaways!

Cheryl Karge

I wanted to take the time to write up a post on the current winners. Thankfully I was able to reach out to each winner! If you have not received your items, you will be shortly. So here are the prizes and winners.

  • Week of October 15, Drawing the 19th, 12pk Flannel Wipes, 12pk Bamboo wipes, Receipe for wipe solution tested by the best and a spray bottle to make your wipe solution in. WINNER: Nik C.
  • Week of October 22, Drawing the 26th, 12pk Diaper Liners, Hybrid Diaper and a Sharpie marker. Watch for details in a future blog post and post on social media why a Sharpie. WINNER: Sheila W.
  • Week of October 29, Drawing November 2nd, 3 pk Wool Dryer Balls, 3 pk bamboo boosters and 1 Extended Wear cloth diaper. WINNER: Amanda S.
  • Week of November 5, Drawing the 9th, Gift Certificate for 3 pairs of Fleece Longies, and 1 Hoodie made to fit. WINNER: Charity W.
  • Week of November 12, Drawing the 16th, Free Shipping for 1 YEAR! That is right, you will have a year free of all shipping charges. This is good for all clients WORLDWIDE! WINNER: Crystal M.
  • Week of November 19, Drawing the 23rd, Thanksgiving Day Drawing, A basket filled to the rim with every single item we gave away in the previous 5 weeks! A value of items alone retailing $200 plus Free Shipping for year! (drawing to be held and I will update)
  • How to ENTER: Watch for post on social media (facebook business page, group, events, instagram and twitter), #4wardthinkingcd will be one of your biggest entries, sharing with friends, tagging friends and all purchases will get you entered. Each Thursday night, Rowan and I will go live and pick a winner. Sorry we did not go live, life has been extremely crazy for the Karge family and we are just rolling forward.
    Details on Black Friday weekend sales. Starting Thanksgiving morning, we will have our entire store stocked, but the best part, you will be able to save 25% on your entire order!!! We will keep our Free Priority Shipping on all US orders over $50, flat rate shipping for Canada and International orders. We will also offer a bonus for all orders over $60, a 12 pack of fleece liners FREE!  Why did we choose to give away liners? Why not for starters, but in all honesty, I know we all treasure our cloth diapers, we love the prints we take hours scrolling through to find, the join of finally getting that unicorn diaper you have been drolling over for the last three months. Have you ever seen a super cute diaper and thought oh I love that one, only to see pictures of shit stains on the inner velour? Come on, you have, in groups on facebook we see these all the time and they are totally preventable. Liners will protect the inside velour from stains, creating a better resale value for you down the road when you plan on selling your stash. So it is a proactive solution that you are getting for FREE!

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