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A Day Momtrepreneuring while Rowan is on Homebound

Cheryl Karge

    Lets get down to the grit of being a momtrepreneur. What does this mean? Having so many open projects, being called over and over by our boys- thinking to yourself yes I hear you, but the words do not come out of your mouth because you just need to get the last touches of sewing done on a custom order that should have shipped three days ago. Yes this is my life. Especially lately. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I have had Rowan home for the last month from school because he slipped on a ping pong ball and broke his tibia. Not only broken but displaced right below the rod he had since he was 18m old. Needless to say he had to have a two and a half hour surgery to remove the old rod, place a new one and set the tibia. Which has thrown a wrench in my September and October production. So how is it done, how do I be the mom I strive and dream of being, the wife that is never too tired, you know what I am talking about, and the business woman I have dreamed of being for the last twenty years. Here it is, the good, the bad and the ugly.
    First off, I do not function well without coffee. On a normal day, my amazing husband serves my first cup to me bedside. Yes, the smell of coffee creeps over me as I slowly open my eyes and turn took clear the fuzzy blurr and a smile appears knowing all I have to do is sit up and reach over for that first glorious sip. It is so warm and absolutely the first thing I need in the morning. In the event I do not have that piping hot cup of joe next to me, mornings can be less then attractive, and I do not mean because my hair is pointing in several directions. I can be like the wicked witch from Oz if I am disturbed before finishing that first cup. Remember me mentioning that wrench, well coffee being served has dwindled to basically a maybe happening on the weekends.  Why, because I have been sleeping on the one couch while Rowan sleeps on the other, there is no safe place to place a coffee cup without chanding it will end up soaked into the carpet.
    Once coffee has been consumed and the kids are off to school, oh wait, there is that wrench again. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know Rowan has been home from school for the last MONTH! Dear lord, did we not just send these angels back to school at the end of August! Now if you have a sweet little bundle of joy, or maybe a fun little toddler that loves to cuddle, you may not understand what I am saying. You will my friend, you will. There will come a day when you remember reading this and say, SHE WAS RIGHT! If you are a mom of schoolage children and think I am nuts, your in denial, plain and simple. I know this because I was that mom. Anyways, this means we do class work and home work every single day. Reading chapters and a regular book. Math, that I have to tell you is a breeze for this kid, thank goodness. But the other stuff, it is so freaking boring. But we get it done. Rowan even mentioned something about homeschooling, I just walked away to beat my head on the wall in the other room where hopefully he would not hear me. All in all though, it has been an experience we will both remember for the rest of our lives. So lets get back to it.
    By 9am I am normally heading into what we call the office, studio, fabric hell, or dumping zone for stinky hockey gear. I still need to find a new home for that hockey bag, as I trip over it more times in a day then a toddler trips when learning how to walk for the first time. This is when the fun starts, I normally have a custom or two on my plate, I am planning a stocking and thinking about what marketing needs to be done on social media. It all looks so organized and beautiful on my whiteboard, but it hardly ever goes that way. Lately I literally am tip toeing into my office to get some work done because Rowan is sleeping on the couch in the next room. I take a deep breath and think, yes finally, I will get that order shipped today. But that is wishful thinking by 9:05am, I hear this little voice calling "mom", as I come around the corner, this handsome little man looks at me and says good morning. He is so sweet at this time of the day, his soft whisper of a voice tells me he loves me. See at this point, I am his world, I am his mom, caregiver, best friend and the one he can count on. We cuddle for a bit, as I sit there I think to myself, these moments will not last forever, I have to snatch them up while I still can.
    Just when I think I have the all clear I head back into the office and look around thinking, okay majority of the time talking outloud to myself, "where in the world did I leave off" Literally 2 seconds later.. that little sweet voice is calling mom again, I think for the love of god what does he need now, I already fed him, got him dressed, wiped his butt and we read his chapter story for the fifth time this week. I come around the corner again and he has the handsome smile beaming from his face and reminds me that I promised him a walk at 10:30am. I just stop in my tracks and want to pull my hair out,or bang my head on a bullseye taped to the wall.  I want to beg him to please let me get some work done and he does this, he looks at me with those eyes, so innocent and then he speaks, "I love you so much mama!". So what do I do, I take him on a walk. Your asking why I didnt just tell him I have work to do, because this boy is stuck on a couch or in a wheelchair all day and night, he misses his friends like I would miss my coffee in the morning, I am his person, I am his only person every single day, that is why I put off working on those customs. It sucks, I get it 100%, but what choice would you make?
    The weather is gorgegous and we enjoy our walk around the neighborhood and pond in our community. Normally Rowan will want to play catch, or he will want me to retrieve this ridiculour sling shot airplane. Thanks Cori and Parker for that awesome get well gift I keep saying under my breath while running to get it for the hundred thousand time. I wish it would break, well it kinda did and I tried to fix it, really I did, but it just doesnt seem to fly the same as it did before. Shucks!
        After a day of language, math, art (yes I add this in myself, because the kid has nothing but work sheet after work sheet and zero creativity projects sent home from school) and reading, it is time to make dinner.This is when I start thinking again, and realize, I havent finished an actual item, but done short burst of work. This is how it goes well into the evening as well. When Rowan is at school and I get nearly 6 hours to myself during the day, production is much different. I would have completed about eight diapers by now Pretty good right? That would be cutting, snapping, serging, sewing, and snapping again. Plus taking pictures to post on social media to make you drool while you realize you have to wait till stocking day to grab the little gems.But that isnt happening lately.
        After dinner I would automatically head back into the office to finish up a few more diapers. I always set a daily goal of ten diapers. Very rarely does it happen, but it is part of who I am to set goals that are high in order to keep me working harder. I love sewing, creative sewing is my favorite and can be an evil love hate relationship. I wish I had more time for it. I plan on getting back to being creative with cloth diapers, quilted and tshirt upcycle diapers will be stocking Thanksgiving weekend, so keep that in mind.
        Sleep, who sleeps right, well I need and love sleep. I made a promise to my husband that we would go to bed at the same time. Since he gets up at the crack of dawn, 4:30am and serves me coffee, the least I can do is get him up to bed before he falls asleep on the couch waiting for me to finish sewing. Lately, I have only slept in bed for a total of five nights in the last month. The couch as been my friend since Rowan was hurt. It sucks big time, but I keep telling myself, only two more weeks. Thankfully my amazing husband takes on couch duty on Friday and Saturday night so I can have the bed and sleep comfy and cozy. It kinda makes up for the lack of coffee being served Monday thru Friday. But not really. lol
        So this is my life right now, it is not the norm nor is it permanent, I just need to get through it. Two more weeks and I should be back to full production. I am so thankful for the amazing mama's that have been understanding. Those who have not, well I am truly sorry, this has not been a choice for me, the business end is extremely important to me, but my eight year old counts on me. Me in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. As the saying goes, take a moment to walk in other persons shoes before making judgement. It has not been easy, this is just a part of having a child with a disability. Lets not forget, a day like today also includes cleaning, laundry, taking care of the dogs, being a chaufer to Liam, hockey practice three nights a week and being a full time teacher to Rowan. There is not a moment that goes by that I am not thinking about the business and what I need to get done.
        So in the middle of the night this past week when I was unable to sleep I started drafting the end of year goals, production, upcoming giveaways and what we will be doing for Black Friday weekend. I am not going to promise a ton of stockings now through Thanksgiving. Why? First and foremost, I have some customs that need to be completed, alteration appointments scheduled and Ill be sewing up some items for an interior designer. This is how I will move forward, fill the need for creativity and still stick to making items for Thanksgiving weekend sales.Plus leading up to the weekend starting this week, we will have weekly GIVEAWAYS!! Thats right GIVEAWAYS & SALES??? Yes, you read that correct! We will host a SALE from Thanksgiving thru Cyber Monday.GIVEAWAYS- yes caps for that since it is that time of year we always give back to those that make our small business grow each year. It will be easier to just list what we are giving away, when, how to enter and lastly the days we will do the drawing.    
      • Week of October 15, Drawing the 19th, 12pk Flannel Wipes, 12pk Bamboo wipes, Receipe for wipe solution tested by the best and a spray bottle to make your wipe solution in.
      • Week of October 22, Drawing the 26th, 12pk Diaper Liners, Hybrid Diaper and a Sharpie marker. Watch for details in a future blog post and post on social media why a Sharpie.
      • Week of October 29, Drawing November 2nd, 3 pk Wool Dryer Balls, 3 pk bamboo boosters and 1 Extended Wear cloth diaper.
      • Week of November 5, Drawing the 9th, Gift Certificate for 3 pairs of Fleece Longies, and 1 Hoodie made to fit.
      • Week of November 12, Drawing the 16th, Free Shipping for 1 YEAR! That is right, you will have a year free of all shipping charges. This is good for all clients WORLDWIDE!
      • Week of November 19, Drawing the 23rd, Thanksgiving Day Drawing, A basket filled to the rim with every single item we gave away in the previous 5 weeks! A value of items alone retailing $200 plus Free Shipping for year!
      • How to ENTER: Watch for post on social media (facebook business page, group, events, instagram and twitter), #4wardthinkingcd will be one of your biggest entries, sharing with friends, tagging friends and all purchases will get you entered. Each Thursday night, Rowan and I will go live and pick a winner.
        Details on Black Friday weekend sales. Starting Thanksgiving morning, we will have our entire store stocked, but the best part, you will be able to save 25% on your entire order!!! We will keep our Free Priority Shipping on all US orders over $50, flat rate shipping for Canada and International orders. We will also offer a bonus for all orders over $60, a 12 pack of fleece liners FREE!  Why did we choose to give away liners? Why not for starters, but in all honesty, I know we all treasure our cloth diapers, we love the prints we take hours scrolling through to find, the join of finally getting that unicorn diaper you have been drolling over for the last three months. Have you ever seen a super cute diaper and thought oh I love that one, only to see pictures of shit stains on the inner velour? Come on, you have, in groups on facebook we see these all the time and they are totally preventable. Liners will protect the inside velour from stains, creating a better resale value for you down the road when you plan on selling your stash. So it is a proactive solution that you are getting for FREE!
        Lastly, we will end the shopping weekend with Giving Tuesday. My first thought on this day was to be able to get enough money to go do holiday shopping for kids that do not get Christmas. My best friend and I plan on working a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve this year, so we want to be able to take presents for any children that will be there with their families. What better way to give back then with gifts for these kiddos. I will have a listing in our store that you can add to your cart. You will have the choice to make a donation in the amount of $5-$50. All those donations will be matched by me personally from our weekend sales. I am setting a goal of $500. That means I need your help!! Please consider making this donation. You will be able to keep your receipt and claim the donation on your income taxes.
            So I have spent way to long trying to type this all up, see I am not a writer,I am a seamstress, haha like you didnt know that already. But I needed to make things known of what it is like having Rowan home with me. I appreciate you taking the time to make it this far, hopefully you did, if not, well so be it.
            I would love to hear from you in the comments, let me know what your days are like, what are you planning for the holiday season, and what are your thoughts on Giving Tuesday, will you donate?
            Talk to you again soon,

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            • Cheryl on

              Thank you Alicia! I have been telling myself to be present in the boys lives all year long, Im thankful I have time with him, even though I have to let go of what I love doing for it. It is worth it.

            • Alicia on
              Your work will always be there. These precious moments when your son needs his mama and cherishes having you around will not. Soak it up. Let it go. Love your family. The whole reason I support your business is because I know where your heart is. Hugs to you and your family.

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