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PROJECT: #wearlovewashrepeat

Cheryl Karge 4wardthinkingcd babies chemicalfree children cloth diapers cloth diapers mainstream clothdiapers discounts parenting sale wearlovewashrepeat

The time has come for us to take on challenge, but we can not do it alone. We are asking you to help us! Project #wearlovewashrepeat is a challenge to create more awareness for cloth diapers. Simply share our post, blog, website, photos of your littles, tweets, instagram, and facebook with hashtag "#wearlovewashrepeat". Can you do that for us?? 

What we are doing as a small business to make a difference during this challenge? We plan on advertising, blogging, introducing a new diaper and discounting our pricing, along with continuing to have giveaways each and every stocking! 

So please make sure to like our Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and join our community on facebook. We will be hosting different giveaways throughout this project. Make sure to share your 4wardThinking cloth diaper photos and hashtag #wearlovewashrepeat

Now onto our new diaper! We are going to back to basics to help you build your stash. Introducing our new "Element Hybrid", featuring the same bamboo soaker system proven to work, hidden poly layer and plain knit upcycle outer with colorful snaps. A simple cloth diaper, that is affordable. Spread the word!

Pricing is what I bet a lot of you are waiting for, so we have taken on the research, listened to your suggestions and found a middle ground for everyone! We are giving back to you, our loyal following throughout this project. 

Type of Diaper {Visionary/What's Next} Price
Element Daytime Hybrid $21.99
Printed & Upcycled Daytime Hybrid $25.99
Utility & Extended Wear Hybrid $29.99
Custom & Exclusive Collection Hybrid $34.99


Type of Diaper {Foresight} Price
Printed & Upcycled Daytime Hybrid $15.99
Utility & Extended Wear Hybrid $19.99
Custom & Exclusive Collection Hybrid $24.99


Giveaways, who loves giveaways?? We all do right!! Make sure to follow our social media, join our group and watch for giveaway chances being given several times a week on all platforms. In addition, for every item you buy at stocking you will be earn another entry! (orders through 12pm cst will count towards the giveaway). We will then go LIVE- yes LIVE on Facebook and announce the winner every Friday at 2pm cst after stocking! 

Lastly, your feedback on our store has been extremely helpful. So we are changing it up a bit. Watch for changes to making your shopping experience easier. We will have categories listed by type of diaper, vs type of size since most of you have multiple children. We will add a sizing table to each listing, the size for the individual listing will be in the title of the product.    

Make sure to comment and let us know you are ready to take on this challenge. We greatly appreciate all your support for over seven years now! So lets get this project off the ground and running #wearlovewashrepeat

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  • Kelly on

    Awesome!!! Love the new prices :) We will participate ? #wearlovewashrepeat

  • Cameron on

    I love these diapers!!!!!!

  • Julia on

    Wow this awesome! We will be participating in the project! #wearlovewashrepeat

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