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Novemeber at 4wardThinking CD

Cheryl Karge Black Friday

Hello everyone,

The Fall season is upon us! We are hoping that you are enjoying the cooler days and nights! Did you enjoy Halloween?? We sure hope so!

We have some special upcoming events we want to share with you. We also want to thank you for being loyal customers and followers for over six years now! We appreciate each and everyone of you.

First, we will start a Shout Out Sunday! SOS will be tips and tricks to help you with cloth diapering, maybe a trick to help your little one rest better, or tip to enjoy a new cocktail on a Friday night after the kids are in bed. We hope you will enjoy it. We will post it on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account along with here on the blog each week. So make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and follow us on our social feeds.

Second, lets talk Black Friday!! Yes we like to celebrate Black Friday here at 4wardThinking CD. It is a way for us to offer specials to our most loyal family! We will be posting specials on each of our social feeds exclusive for those feeds. So again make sure you are following! We will have specials like an Early Bird Special, Stuck in Line Special, Shop from Home Special and lastly a Bonus Special. You never know what might pop up. We do have events set up on our Facebook page. So make sure to find them and mark yourself attending! 

Lastly, we want to say thank you to each and everyone of you. Because of you we are able to get our son's new wheelchair. His last chair is nearly 4 years old, he got it when he was just about to turn 3. So imagine, he is now about to turn 7!! Kids grow right! Supporting not only 4T but other wahm's is allowing families to provide for their children. Whether with special needs or not. So thank you, from our whole heart, we greatly appreciate your support and dedication to our brand.



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