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We take a step forward!

Cheryl Karge

For some time now we have been researching and considering a new store front! Some where we can all feel safe about purchases, leave feedback, and have smooth fast check outs with the least amount of over sales. We know there will be some hiccups at first, but once the ball is rolling we see it running smooth. 

So much is happening at 4T! We are planning on adding new products like shirts, pants and hoodies! We will be finishing up some newborn swaddle type blankets as well. Make sure to have your camera out when your items arrive because you will want everyone to see! 

Many of you have been following our fb business page for years! We found it is time to section off on our own since fb doesnt allow many post to be viewed. Through this blog we will be updating news and promos! So make it a favorite bookmark!

Thank you all for being apart of our journey! We would not be successful without each of you!

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