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What to look for when buying a cloth diaper

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You have made the decision to cloth diaper, now the fun part, you get to go shopping! When you are looking online at photos of diapers, you need to make sure to pay attention to details.

  • Materials being used?
  • Is the diaper serged before being turned?
  • What does the topstitching look like? 
  • Are the snaps placed properly?

Whenever you are purchasing a diaper, whether it be brand new or used, you want to see photos, at the very least three photos. The front, the back and the inside. This is important so you know what you are getting. When you are considering a second hand diaper; always ask for full details in regards to stains, time of use, size of stash, hard water, only owner, any issues with elastic or snaps. It may be harder to get details on a brand new diaper, so we are going to walk you through the process of knowing you are getting a quality diaper. 

First you want to make sure you are purchasing from a company that has been in business for some time, this ensures you are reading quality feedback. Look for feedback that describes the quality, like stitching and design. How are customers treated, how are you going to be treated if something goes wrong. This is all very important. 

Now let's talk about the materials being used. Is the bamboo organic or man made. You can tell the difference in the way it absorbs, and the color. organic non dyed bamboo comes in a light natural color. What is the weight of the bamboo? Heavy bamboo is a perfect quality for hybrid cloth diapers, not only does it absorb amazing, but it isn't too thick to make the diaper immensely bulky. Cotton velour is the perfect soft stay dry material to line the inside of each diaper that will touch your child's bum. When you are purchasing a hybrid cloth diaper, the hidden layer may be a regular poly or windpro fleece. Both are excellent fabrics that will repel moisture back into the soaker system of the diaper, allowing for a cover free but not water proof diaper. The outer layer can consist of knit, fleece or even a woven fabric. Knit is super stretch and allows you to get the most custom fit. Fleece outer is usually that of a windpro, which makes for an excellent night time solution. Wovens often come in amazing prints, but have no stretch, but last the longest out of the outer layers suggested. 

You are making strides, now is the time to see how the diaper is actually constructed and why it matters. It is important that you purchase a diaper that is serged before being topstitched. The reason for this, is because it is double stitched and will last longer. You will see the soaker system will also most likely be serged, a soft thread should be used so that there is no irritation to your child's skin. 

After the serging you will want to take a close look at the topstitching. Is it straight or wobbly? Can you see a difference in length of the stitching? How does it look going around curves and straight edges? Blow the pictures up and look at the detail, on the outside from of the diaper, you can see how the wings look. they would be the same stitching throughout the wing, it should also be the same distance from the edge, this gives an equal look, a quality look. Now looking at the inside picture of the diaper, you want to look at the stitching lines. You may not see the thread, but you will see detailed lines throughout the entire diaper. 

Pay attention to the snap placement and evenness. When looking at the front of the diaper you will see they should be evenly placed apart, and straight. When looking at the inside of the diaper, you can see the rise snaps.It is important you notice the distance from the top of the dipaer and the sides of the diaper. Snaps that are too far apart will limited your fit, more than 12 and 11 snaps across is a waste and can add discomfort to the diaper. 

One of the most important is looking at the bum cut. You want to make sure you love the diaper, the bum cuts on cloth diapers is what brings a smile to your face. So make sure to check them out. 

Last but not least, make sure the communication is good with the seller and or business. When you ask questions, they should be answered. Regardless of how many questions are asked. Open communication will ensure a better buying experience. Just remember businesses often have multiple customers and it may take time for a reply. Now your set!  Good luck with your cloth diapering journey. 



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