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Cloth Baby Diapers – How To Pick The Best?

Maggie Tuczapska

How to pick the best cloth baby diapers

Cloth baby diapers are growing in popularity once again. Many people return to basic natural diapers due to the rising costs of disposables but also because of the harmful effect they have on our landfill. After all, the throw-away diapers are non-degradable, which means they continue soiling our planet. Some of us begin to realize how many chemicals are used during the production to make the disposable diapers so absorbent. Whatever your reason, you might need help in choosing the right fit for you and the little one.

The cloth diapers come in various shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose. The closure types also vary, from snaps, Velcro or simply pull on. Diaper covers can also be made from fleece, organic wool or PUL (polyurethane laminate).

Let’s have a look at the best cloth diapers for newborns available on the market today:

Flats and Pre-fold Diapers

These are simple straight forward diapers our moms and grandmas used for years and years. These cloth baby diapers are either square (flat) or rectangular with a padded middle section securing the bottoms (pre-fold). While having no frills, they offer none of the comforts we get accustomed over the years - there are no snaps or pins to secure the baby with, so you have to do the manual labor yourself while changing the baby. Most economic option of all, but makes changing diapers (especially for new parents) a true challenge. A real return to basics, not recommended if time is not on your side. These cloth baby diapers also require buying few extras on top like snaps and several waterproof covers to avoid leaks.

Contoured Diapers

A step ahead from flats and pre-fold diapers. These hourglass shaped diapers are contoured to fit your baby’s bottom. While most of these diapers need securing with separate pins or fasteners, some types come with built-in plastic snaps. These diapers look just like disposable ones, only they need additional waterproof covers on top.

Fitted Cloth Baby Diapers

Similar in shape to contoured diapers. Comfortably shaped like a disposable, this type of natural cloth diaper comes with built-in secure fasteners in form of snaps, hooks or Velcro. Most importantly, fitted diapers have elasticated bands around the tummy and legs area giving your baby snuggly fit and protect from any leaks while wriggling around. Make sure to buy extra waterproof cover as well.

All In One Diapers

These comfortable diapers are few steps ahead of the folded or contoured baby diapers. They combine the comfort of elasticated waist and legs, absorbent soaker, built-in fastenings but also a luxury of integrated waterproof layer. It means you need to buy only one diaper to have all of these comforts in one place – not need for any extras!

All In One diapers (AIO) are available in two forms – either as a complete unit with all pieces sewn in together, or with detachable pieces you can wash separately when needed. These diapers are not only perfect for all first time parents still finding their way around, but also for working parents and any carers seeking more comfort when looking after a toddler.

Pocket Diapers

Very similar to All In One, these diapers have additional inner lining you can insert into the inside pocket. This comfortable addition helps you adjust the cloth diapers to baby’s wetting needs (add extra liners to improve absorbency). Pocket diapers have elasticated bands, waterproof covers and built-in fasteners as standard.

Hybrid Diapers

Considerably most popular choice for number of reasons! These eco-friendly modern diapers are most flexible and comfortable alternative to traditional disposable diapers. By combining the convenience of disposable diaper with reusability of cloth diaper covers, the hybrid diapers make the best of both worlds. Each hybrid diaper is made from natural, breathable and washable cover, and insert which can be either cloth diaper or disposable. Real luxury for all parents on the go, wanting a comfort of disposable diaper and natural benefits of cloth diapers. Our personal favorite!

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